Hi! I’m LY

I know building a website can be scary, it can sound very intimidating. Trust me, I’ve been there too. I am a researcher and writer, I focus on researching, reading, analyzing, and writing essays and researches. Never in my life have I ever actually learned how to code. Let alone the idea of building a website of my own.

It was not until 3 years ago when I started a career in content creation, that is when I have finally stepped foot into the website building world. I am definitely more focused on the content and visual side when it comes to building a website. But to be able to build something that I like was not easy without some technical expertise, at least that was what I thought.

Thanks to all the easy, beginner-friendly website building tools out there, I can now be as creative as I want, without worrying too much about the technical aspect. And hopefully, with this website, I will be able to help all of you out there like me. Helping you to break the wall and start creating your own personal space online.


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